The Big Bang

The Big Bang was shot in Spokane, Washington with a largely local crew. Mike Vukas was the gaffer and he worked hard at embracing our unusual visual aspirations. Peter Green was the A Camera operator and Ronnie Dennis was the First AC. We all worked hard… including doing our own rigging during lunch, so that our Director, Tony Krantz, could come away with something he truly authored. On this shot, a red nightclub, I was told that the red gel I had ordered for the windows was too expensive. So, we sent some PA’s to the party supply store in downtown Spokane and they came back with a dozen or so plastic party table cloths that we could apply to the outside of the windows in lieu of the costly gel. It made the UPM happy and sometimes that’s what tips the scales of sanity on a film set. A pretty funny 99 cent solution.


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