Allen Daviau, ASC

Please meet one of my key teachers, Allen Daviau, ASC. I met Allen in the late 70’s and he has been a constant presence ever since. He taught me much about the craft of cinematography with his coaching. How to be passionate about cinematography with his persona… And how to strive for artistic excellence with his images. I think we should all take a moment to thank our teachers and think about how we can extend that connection with young cinematographers. He even took a cab to Pasadena to watch one of my student films projected on an apartment wall. In this photo, Allen is paying a visit to the Jurassic Park 3 set on Stage 12 at Universal. A large-scale set lit for both day and night exterior shooting that provided a controlled environment for Stan Winston’s dinosaurs. The film was directed by the great Joe Johnston. Allen helped me enormously after I got offered JP3 and showed me the film Congo, that he shot where he had many stage-bound jungle scenes. He was very candid and honest about pointing out what he thought he did well… And where he felt he needed improvement. One of the true giants of cinematography.


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