About Shelly

I’ve been cinematographer since 1980. I have served as Director of Photography on over 75 long-form titles across a wide range of genres and I’m a four-time ASC Award nominee. I value my collaborations with Director Joe Johnston, including Jurassic Park III, Hidalgo, The Wolfman and Captain America: The First Avenger. Other frequent collaborators include Simon West, Bobby Roth and Mick Garris. I was raised in Pasadena, California and studied at Art Center College of Design. I launched my film career as a gaffer on commercials, documentaries and low budget films. Larry Bolens taught me about light and I think his appreciation for the quality of light is what excited me about mastering that focus. Allen Daviau ASC was a key influence and helped me obtain and evolve as a cinematographer and storyteller. To me, a cinematographer never stops learning, which is largely why I started this Blog. Many of the first postings grew from my contributions as moderator of the ASC Instagram page in 2016. I wanted to go into more detail and help provide a source of information that cannot be taught in film schools… the type of insight that comes from conversing with colleagues and honestly recognizing one’s need to be self-aware, patient, humorous, humble and fearless. I find that cinematographers as a group are an open and sharing society and I’d love to continue that spirit for future and existing DP’s.

If there is anything you’d like me to write about, send me a message and I’ll do anything I can to integrate it into my postings.