Wild Card

This was my second film with Director Simon West and he is fantastic to work with. Like many of the British Directors I’ve shot for (and a few high-end Americans) he talks only just enough about what he wants to put the thought out there… Then expects you to understand his direction and pursue that… Continue reading Wild Card

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – Chariot of Damnation

Based on the popular book series, the film stories follow Percy Jackson (played by Logan Lerman) on his various quests and his wanting to understand and reunite with his father. We really ran poor Logan through the paces on this one and he never once complained. We dragged him, hung him from wires, ran him through… Continue reading Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – Chariot of Damnation

A Family Man

Directed by Mark Williams, this is an exceptionally well written script by Bill Dubuque. The story largely takes place in the competitive world the boiler-room office and a father who is detached from his family must find a way to connect with his son when he’s faced with illness. The son has an interest in… Continue reading A Family Man